Welcome to the website and our community! is a platform for competitive Matches between Teams in the World War II Game Battlefield 1942. Struggle together with your Teammates for the first place and fight against many other Players on Land, Sea and in the Air. 

So - Your main question now will be: How can I join this Fight?

It is simple - as soon as you are registered on this page, you are able to join or create a Team. You will be also able to view more sections.

How can I register to this League?
You can find the "register" button at "login" in the right side of the page.

You will need to give the following information:

- Name
- Username
- E-Mail
- Password
- Verify Password

- Enter the nearby Captcha (Security code)

Once you have done that, you have to log in to your E-mail account and activate your profile from there.
(Auto E-mail tells you what to do)

What do I basically need to play in this League?

- Basic knowledge in English to understand the Admins, Teammates and other Community-Players
- Be registered to this League
- Knowing the Rules of the League and the Game ( Take a look at Rule sections in the "League Rules" block, in the left )
- The latest BF1942 Version with the latest Punkbuster version has to be installed
- Giving your Keyhash to your Teamleader)
- Having the newest, active Maps which will be played in the season ( Take a look at Downloads in the right menu )

The Mappool menupoint in BF-League contains active maps, which are played during the season. You will be bound to have them.

I am completely lost with the League stuff/terms and technical stuff. Where Can I get some help?
Where can I see what servers we are using? When are we playing?

Apart from this, of course, you can always open a topic / ask League Admins / Players. Some information are in the sticky forum topics.

We have prepared a "Quick Join" in order to join war, public and Teamspeak 3 servers faster. The quick launch is in the usermenu!

How can I join or create a Team?
You can join a Team by asking the Teamleader using Communication-Programs such as Teamspeak, Steam or Discord by opening a Forum Thread introducing yourself under "Introductions / Transfer Market". After a Teamleader accepted you, you are able to join their roster and your team will give you all the neccessary information.

And then? 
Then you are ready to fight on the Battlefield in very interesting Matches with all kinds of Vehicles!

If you have any sort of questions related to anything of this League (Wars, rules, problems, technical problems etc.) don't hesitate to open a Forum Thread or ask an Admin for Help.

If you want to get some taste into clan wars, take a look at our videos, which are located at the bottom left side of the website!

And last but not least: We wish you a nice and memorable Time in our League! 



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